CKAN now available on G-Cloud 9

We are happy to announce that CKAN is now available under the G-Cloud 9 framework. This special program creating a digital marketplace for cloud-based solutions was created by the UK government to implement its “cloud first” strategy. G-Cloud 9 makes procurement of cloud solutions simple and transparent.Check out our CKAN listing to find out what […]

Beyond theory: does open source really matter?

Who would have thought? When I wrote “You think open source is boring? Think again” in 2004, I never could have dreamt that it would still be relevant twelve years later. Open source is not only alive and kicking, it remains as inspiring as ever.But what are the advantages of open source for open data? […]

Danish Energinet will use CKAN to launch Energy DataStore – a free and open portal for sharing energy data

Open data service provider Viderum is working with, the gas and electricity operator in Denmark, to share near real-time access to Danish energy data. Using CKAN, an open-source platform for sharing data originally developed by Open Knowledge International,’s Energy DataStore will be the first transmission system operator (TSO) to openly publish its data […]

Open data: think local, act local

The king has decided! 5,000 municipalities are going open data in early 2017. Guess where… Hmmm. Let me give you a hint: it’s in Europe… Hmmm, a king in Europe… Spain?!? Nope. France? Yes, precisely! France might not have a king anymore, but when the central government adopted a Bill for a Digital Republic last […]

Open data, a lifeline for journalism?

Back in 2006, two journalists from The Guardian wrote the article Give us back our crown jewels, in which they pleaded for the UK government to collect the best data possible and to make it freely available to stimulate innovation. The article made waves and is still today seen as some sort of open data […]

Northern Ireland: One year of open data “by default”?

Northern Ireland, with an estimated population of just under 2 million, hopped onto the open data bandwagon in 2015. Journalist Frédéric Dubois talked to OpenDataNI’s Cormac McConaghy to find out what has been accomplished since then.Back in January 2015, Northern Ireland’s public sector released an open data strategy with the aim to “successfully implement and […]

New CKAN video tutorial series

At Viderum, we want to make open data simple. And we want you to get the most out of your CKAN portal. So, today, we’re starting a series of video tutorials showing how to do different tasks within CKAN. We will start our series with a short introduction to publishing datasets in CKAN. Find our tutorials at […]

Fixing spatial maps in CKAN

When MapQuest ceased its direct access to map tiles on July 11, CKAN instances around the world using the spatial-extension ran into problems. To fix this issue for your own CKAN instance you have three possibilities: Sign up for one of MapQuest`s plans (free up to 15,000 views) Switch to one of MapBox`s plans (free up to 50,000 views) Use the […]